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Tugaloo Bend
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Tugaloo Bend
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Tugaloo Bend Learning Opportunities


Tugaloo Bend - Surrounding Learners in Nature and History..

Features in the landscape, whether natural or associated with centuries of human activity, provide learning opportunities along the trails at Tugaloo Bend Park.  Though no visible evidence remains, indigenous people and settlers from other countries made their mark on the Tugaloo Corridor.  Natural dynamics shaped the land over time in response to how people used it and the ever-changing presence of the river.   

Self-Guided Curriculum 

Erosion in process self guided learning S6E5 sixth grade education

Interpretive signs have been placed along the trails to highlight events and inform visitors as they walk through the Park.  Some signage is designed to comply with the State Board of Education’s current curriculum standards.  The specific grade level and standard are referenced on the signs, which cover topics in science (soil erosion and aquatic wetlands) and Georgia history (interaction between native people and colonists).  The curriculum standard referenced can be found along the left side of each sign.


Supplemental materials for the signs are provided in the downloadable PDF documents below. The information can enhance science and history lessons for home schooled, classroom or online students.  

Scavenger Hunt 

Turn your walk in the park into an educational activity by going on a Scavenger Hunt.  The Georgia educational standards for Science for all ages, starting in Kindergarten, include observing and identifying objects in our natural world.  Download these colorful files to your device or printer and find as many matches as you can.

In"Tree"quing Plant Identification

This document produced by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens contains material that can be used for multiple levels of learners to meet a number of educational objectives.  You may simply want to use it in a tree identification Scavenger Hunt for younger students, or Scout Troop.  High School students studying biological classification can examine the features of various tree leaves and trace how these are used to create a dichotomous key.

Taucoe Trail Trees

This Tree Identification Scavenger Hunt was created specifically for the Taucoe Trail in the park

Pine Cones

If you are visiting in Fall or Winter you may enjoy doing a Scavenger Hunt for different types of pine cones that you can use to identify the different species in the park.


The Study of Ecosystems is one of the main GSE standards for Science starting in the 4th grade.  This activity would make a great conclusion to the school year, or a fun introduction to the concept of Ecosystem. On this hike through Tugaloo Bend students 4th grade and up* can observe and learn about the ecosystems in Meadow, Woodland, and Wetland.  


*These particular trails may be too challenging for small children.   Sturdy shoes and socks, bug spray, long pants and a hat are strongly recommended.

Guided Tours

Schedule a guided tour of the park with our resident Park Manager or Education Leader, Krista Roberts.  Krista is a retired teacher who will engage students of all ages with knowledge of the park’s history, geography and ecology.

Schedule Field Trips

If you're interested in taking your class on a field trip to Tugaloo Bend Park, please click the link below and send an email request.  Please include as much detail as possible so that we can help organize the trip.  

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